Principal's Benefit

PT. Sinar Samudera Resource recognizes the vital importance and contri-bution of quality people to an organization. Therefore the crew mem-bers are personally selected and prospective applicants carefully screened to verify their experience, certification, competence, medical fitness and English proficiency. There is strict adherence to internal qual-ity standards, full compliances with the STCW and state requirements.

The SSR Crewing agency is professional service in recruitment, vetting process, deployment, selective rehire, training and rotation management for the ship’s owner and ship’s operator.

With appointing SSR, the Principal will not be hassled with the recruiting and selection process and not be trouble to comply the regulation and for any employment case and other tasks which consuming time and take a lot of effort.

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VM Marine International - UAE
Jana Marine Service Co.LLC - Saudi Arabia
Topaz Energy and Marine - UAE
Zakher Marine International - UAE
Inter Gulf Marine - UAE
Hadi Al-Hammam - Saudi Arabia
Mubarak Marine LLC- UAE
Global Marine Services - UAE

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