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Crewing System.
As mentioned earlier, We have built a sophisticated , Steady and reliable (SSR) Crewing system which can be a short cut for recruitment process without reducing the capacity of each applicants (Crew). Both principals and agents will be able to source the crew in efficient way and certain privillege as per requirement.
The seafarer will be able to "sale" their CV in economic and efficient way, all requirement will be manage by SSR Organization.

Crewing Agent.
As we will be a Bank of Crew Data Base, We are of course enable to serve principal in handling crew recruiting,selection,hire on/off ( Sign On / Off )  under case by case basis.

Crew Management.
SSR shall do further more than just and agent, such as leading the crew in to best attitude / manners, Pay Roll of salary system,Crew Rotation, Skill improvement,Training & Education. Those services to achieve the goals of principal's Comfortability.
SSR shall managed owned dedicated crew,standardize,relocate their skills and capability,Then agressively sell our quality resources to the principal and other crewing agent to fulfill the shortage of the crew on board at anytime.
SSR also providing Taylor made services related to the crew manning sectors and shipping Industry Environment.

SSR Total Shipmanagement.
Our organisation is consist of qualified technical team and having experience in operating the fleet as senior officers on board and realized as bests crew on board during their career, So we are confident to give the principals a total shipmanagement services from crew Manning management,Ship's certification,ISM,Logistics,engine / parts maintenance and others related services.

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VM Marine International - UAE
Jana Marine Service Co.LLC - Saudi Arabia
Topaz Energy and Marine - UAE
Zakher Marine International - UAE
Inter Gulf Marine - UAE
Hadi Al-Hammam - Saudi Arabia
Mubarak Marine LLC- UAE
Global Marine Services - UAE

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